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About EIU

What is the Economist Intelligence Unit?
What products relate to the Worldwide Cost of Living Survey?
How do I contact the Economist Intelligence Unit?

What is the Economist Intelligence Unit?

The Economist Intelligence Unit is the world's leading provider of country intelligence. As you'd expect from part of the organisation that publishes The Economist newspaper, we guard our independence fiercely. Our only agenda is a determined pursuit of the truth in the service of our clients' needs. That means an unswerving commitment to clarity, accuracy and reliability.

The EIU operates unfettered by the concerns or influence of governments, commercial organisations or special-interest groups. We are not interested in rosy scenarios. Nor are we afraid of uncomfortable conclusions, if that is where our logic leads us. We simply provide the best, most dependable analysis of the countries we cover.

Our country intelligence draws on the best sources and a wealth of experience; we began producing research and analysis 55 years ago in London. Over that time we have built up a peerless global network of more than 500 analysts, editors and correspondents. This powerful combination underpins everything we produce, from global macroeconomic forecasts to political and economic analysis for almost 200 individual countries.

What products relate to the Worldwide Cost of Living Survey?

The Worldwide Cost of Living survey is produced by the EIU's Data Services division. In addition to the Worldwide Cost of Living survey, the division also produces a number of reports related to asessing and benchmarking cities and countries using a variety of indicators.

The price data which underpin the Worldwide Cost of Living survey are available in a separate time-series database called EIU CityData. This powerful database enables users quickly to compare prices of products across cities and regions and to watch the evolution of prices over time, as well as to access additional price data on costs such as office rents and salaries.

The indicators which contribute to the liveability rating are also sold separately from the Worldwide Cost of Living product to enable simple benchmarking or location assessments to be made.

How do I contact the Economist Intelligence Unit?

Our four main offices:

The Economist Intelligence Unit is headquartered in London, with major regional centres in Hong Kong, Geneva and New York. We maintain editorial and sales offices around the world that will be pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding the content of our reports, means of delivery or nature of our services, and to help you source the information best suited to your requirements. Please contact the sales office nearest you for more information.


26 Red Lion Square London WC1R 4HQ

United Kingdom

Tel: 44 (0) 20 7576 8181

Fax: 44 (0) 20 7576 8476


New York

750 Third Avenue 5th Floor New York NY 10017


Tel: 1 212 554 0600

Fax: 1 212 586 1181/2


Hong Kong

6001 Central Plaza 18 Harbour Road Wanchai

Hong Kong

Tel: 852 2585 3888

Fax: 852 2802 7720



Boulevard des Tranchées 16

1206 Geneva


Tel: 41 22 566 24 70

Fax: 41 22 346 93 47




Bockenheimer Landstrasse 51-53 60325 Frankfurt


Tel: 49 69 717188 0

Fax: 49 69 717188 100



PO Box No 450056 Office No 1301A Thuraya Tower

2 Dubai Media City


United Arab Emirates

Tel: 971 (0) 4 433 4202

Fax: 971 (0) 4 438 0224


6, rue Paul Baudry 75008 Paris


Tel: 33 1 53 93 66 00

Fax: 33 1 53 93 66 05



35 East Wacker, Suite 1960

Chicago, IL 60601


Tel: 1 312 853 3713

San Francisco

90 New Montgomery Street, Suite 201

San Francisco, CA 94105


Tel: 1 415 278 0557


Washington D.C.

50 F Street, NW, Suite 700

Washington, D.C. 20001


Tel: 1 646 644 5647



China - Beijing

Room 801-802, Tower B, Gemdale Plaza

No 91 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District

Beijing 100022 China

Tel: (86 10) 8571 2188

Fax: (86 10) 8571 2002


China - Shanghai

The Economist House Building #9, Ruijin Guest House

118 Ruijin 2 Road

Shanghai 200020 China

Tel: (86 21) 6473 7128

Fax: (86 21) 6473 9268



Yurakucho Denki Building, North Tower, 15/F

1-7-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku

Tokyo 100-0006, Japan

Tel: (81 3) 5223 2181

Fax: (81 3) 5223 8104



8 Cross Street

#23-01 PWC Building

Singapore 048424

Tel: (65) 6534 5177

Fax: (65) 6534 5077


The Economist Intelligence Unit also has representatives worldwide.