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Can I access background information on the cities in the survey?

Yes. Click on the Hardship & City Information button on the navigation bar to find information on the following:

* Liveability. The score assigned to a city based on the challenges it may present to a persons lifestyle divided across a range of relevant categories and subcategories. 

* Orientation. Background information on local issues such personal security, transport, climate, public holidays and practices associated with renting accommodation.

* Country background. National briefing data on the economic structure of a country, the political climate and education and healthcare analysis.

* Human resource issues. A summary of employment practices, labour laws and work benefits in particular contry. This section is not available for every city in the survey.  

*Personal taxation. A summary of direct taxation practices in a particular country accompanied by a disposable income table showing salary remaining after income tax and social security contributions have been removed. This section is not available for every city in the survey.